Four Principles of Thien (Zen)

4 principles of thien

Self Reflection:

Our thinking mind is not the true mind. When a thought arises, be aware of it but do not follow it. When thinking stops, there remains only awareness and calmness which is our true mind.

Non-attachment between our senses and the sense objects:

The six sense-consciousness (eye-consciousness, ear-consciousness, nose-consciousness, tongue-consciousness, body-consciousness & mind-consciousness) generated when our six senses (eyes, ear, nose, tongue, body & mind) come into contact with the sense objects (form, sound, smell, taste, touch & mind object) are illusionary and empty. By not attaching our senses to the sense objects, we abide in our original nature.


Differentiation is our false thinking mind at work. When differentiation stops, unreal thinking also stops, and our ‘original face’ appears.

Living with the Truth:

Always live with true nature by abiding in the above 3 principles and not to follow false phenomena. Whatever false is impermanent and whatever real is liberation.